Beautiful Kitchen Inspiration...


This is not going to be one of those posts where you scroll through endless images of beauiful kitchens...Believe me, we could do that.  Our files are full of fabulous inspiration.  It's sheer delight  every time we open the file.  No, this is about one very special kitchen found in a Beta Plus Publication.


So let's take another look at the details...



From the ground up...

Beautiful soft blue/grey stone floors

Love the style of the cabinets... base to the floor, inset cabinet doors, exposed painted hinges, simple hardware.


Speaking of that this is simple and dark.  It looks old.  It does not match the wonderful chrome faucet.  That is a good thing.  It's a question we get asked all the time.  Do they have to match?  The answer is absolutely not.  This is a perfect example.

Love, love, love the counter detail under the polished solid stone top.  It gives you the feel of a really thick top though the stone itself is not.  Thin granite or stone tops without an edge of some sort to give the illusion of more weight really bother us.   This is fabulous!


Let's look again...



Love, love, love the open shelving and the way it extends all the way down to the counter.

The floor grout mimics the same creamy richness of the cabinets and beautiful creamware collection in the open shelving.

The old pot rack with just a simple basket and kitchen towel tied with a knot.


So many details executed to perfection in this lovely kitchen published by Beta Plus Publications.     

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OK, maybe we'll share just one more bit of inspiration ...



Sister and I are both dying over that basket...if we find one it might be a tug of war!  Or we might just have to give in and sell it to one of you.


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