Pinning Into 2013


Happy New Year!


Have you started on those New Years resolutions yet?

Getting organized is at the top of my list. It's part of our " Work Smarter not Harder" goal for 2013.

Sister and I are both under the weather.. she and her husband definitley have the flu. We are nursing coughs and sore throats over here and feel pretty lousy too...  Yesterday was spent in my office cleaning out files and catching up on emails.

A lot of time was spent organizing our Pinterest boards.  We have 137 boards and over 11,000 pins...and they were in no particular order.  Ugh!

Many needing editing. I grouped and alphabetized and moved content...and after several hours it feels really good to have this behind me.

We refer to these boards a lot for inspiration...It will be so much easier now to find exactly what we are looking for..

It was tiring work but also interesting looking back at some of my favorite pins...

Here's a peek at a few...













































Our interests are all over the and and and fashion...

DIY projects and just plain fun.  


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