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Hi! This is Mona Thompson and Talena Ray, owners of Providence Design!

We are sisters, business partners and best friends.  Our design aesthetic is traditional design paired with soft, modern and European influences that incorporate strong architectural elements into the mix. We describe it as a clean, more modern expression of the past.

Both as antiques dealer and interior designers, we have a vision for our work that reaches beyond the obvious choices when selecting furnishings, materials, special finishes, fabrics and colors.  We love to utilize found objects that will be unique to our clients, yet the most important thing we do is help them interpret their own personal style.  

Though we share a love for many of the same design elements, we interpret them differently in our own homes. However, as far as our work goes, we definitely compliment each other. Oftentimes, one of us will pick up where the other leaves off.  And by the time we have tossed design ideas back and forth, they have been well edited before the client ever sees them.  

At Providence Design we like to think you get the best of both of us ;-) 


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